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Love Thy Neighbor…except in poker

September 12, 2012

I have been a part of literally thousands of poker games… some, play in a few and run even more (use to be director of poker at several big places…more on that another time!). I always found poker to be far different from any other casino game for the simple fact that when win, you are beating the other players at the table. All other games you are playing against the house…but in poker, you’re taking the chips from the guy sitting next to you. Does anyone ever stop to think about  that?

When a game starts it is usually a bit of a social gathering…everyone seems more/less friendly towards each other. But after an hour or so it starts to turn…and the reason…someone is suddenly losing a few hundred! As the game goes on…you can clearly define the winners from the losers.  I was working on the floor last night and had several games that needed my attention due to arguments…and the common denominator was a player who was losing didn’t appreciate the attitude of a player who was winning. Truth be told…they were both deserving of a bitch slap! The winner was a little to happy…if you win a pot…drag it, stack it and shut the fuck up! No one…especially the loser of the hand…want’s to hear the recap of the great play you just made. On the other hand…the loser of the hand needs to move on. You lost the hand…so what? Focus on your play and try to get it back!

I have been in the business for 18yrs…and I’m not really a player as much as poker management (although I am currently a dual-rate….which means half supervise, half dealer)…I think the reason I never made a good poker player is I don’t have the killer instinct necessary. I would rather beat the house than beat the guy sitting next to me…I know, kinda soft!

Take care…VC





Chip Collecting

September 10, 2012

One of my hobbies that keeps me semi-occupied is collecting casino chips. I started collecting ~25 yrs ago…and currently have 452 chips from different casinos. It’s a cool hobby and very inexpensive. Each casino I visit I just make sure to pocket a $1 chip…a $5 chip if it cool.
Living in Vegas is great for chip collecting as I have about 50 casinos within 25 miles of my house!
If anyone is interested in collecting let me know and we can exchange chips from where you are from. I’ll send you the same amount of $1 chips that you send me. No money involved…just on the honor system.
If interested email me at

Take Care!

It ain’t easy livin in a place called Sin City…

September 7, 2012

I moved here 6 years ago, and like most that live here in Vegas, there is definetly an adjustment period. And if I had to put a number on it, I would say 30% of the people that move here end up leaving because they can’t handle it.

Everyone that lives in Vegas either works in a casino or goes to a casino at least once in a while. There is no getting around it. You want to go to a restaurant…it’s most likely in a casino. You want to take your family to see a movie…most movie theaters are in casinos. You want to go bowling….ALL the bowling alleys are in casinos. It becomes so common place that we don’t really think about it anymore…doesn’t seem strange to us. We are only reminded of it when we have friends/family that visit and they say “why are kids walking thru the casino?” And we quickly say they are obv going to the movie theater or bowling….as if it’s normal.

I have always heard that the supermarkets and gas stations in Vegas had slot machines. But tbh, I always thought that was just a myth. I mean there has to be some boundries, right? Wrong. There are slot machines in every supermarket, CVS, Walgreens and every gas station. I have to admit even after 6 yrs I still find that to be crazy. With all the casinos in Vegas why would you choose to play slots at a gas station…but to this day I have never been to a supermarket or gas station that didn’t have someone playing. What’s next, church? Don’t wouldn’t shock me.

When I moved here my kids were 14 and 11 yrs old. Driving around Vegas all you see are billboards on the highway and taxi cabs advertising casinos and strip clubs. At first it was like, “kids don’t look”…but it didn’t take long before it was hopeless. We moved to Sin City…all you can do is raise them as well as you can and hope they don’t get caught up in the craziness. I know, good luck with that, right.

But of course by far the thing that takes most people down is the gambling. It literally is a way of life in Vegas. I bet on sports and/or horses just about everyday. It’s sick, I know….but you get caught up in the day 2 day grind in Vegas and it just sucks you in. You get to the point of thinking “what else is there to do?” Mind you I don’t bet a lot of money….just enough to have interest in the game on TV. Sweat bets…you know? I have my winning days…but in the long run I know I’m going to lose. I consider it part of my entertainment dollar. But there are many who just can’t control themselves…it’s sad to watch, really is. But you see it so often you become immune to it. I believe the divorce rate in general is ~50% in the USA…I can’t even imagine what it is in Las Vegas. It seems most of the people I know are divorced. Sad.

On the positive side…love the weather! (except for 3 months a year that you can’t go outside because it’s 110 degrees!)

Take Care…VC (gotta run to the sportsbook, talk later!)

Starting Now

September 6, 2012

I have a friend, let’s call him D, who will from time to time post “Starting Now” on his Facebook page. No explanation, no other words, just Starting Now. I finally asked him what he meant.

Let me back up the story by telling you D likes to gamble…I mean, he really likes to gamble. When I first met him and asked what he likes to play, his answer was “high limit progressive blackjack”. I said WTF does that mean? It means you start off playing $25/hand and just keep raising your bet after each winning hand…theory is if you catch that magical shoe you will win thousands off of that $100 you started with. Sounds good…except it never really happens. When is the last time you won every hand in a 6 deck shoe? But D has dreams of breaking the bank…and who am I to knock someone’s dreams?

As you can imagine D hasn’t found that magical shoe as of yet…and he is often licking his wounds. But the one interesting thought he has is this….you can never go back and change the past or re-coup what is already lost. So you just keep moving forward….Starting Now.

We have all done things we regret…made certain decisions that we look back on now that we are older/wiser (maybe wiser!) and say “what was I thinking?” But we move on…..

This blog will be the ramblings of a 46 yr old NY’r who worked as a caddie at the local country club while in High School, and currently deals poker at a casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Yea, there’s a few things in the middle…but we’ll get to that later!

Starting Now…..